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Flip-in Hair ® Extensions Maney Back Guarantee Next Day Shipping Available

Flip-In Hair ® are temporary, damage-free hair extensions that fit with NO CLIPS, NO GLUE & NO WEAVING.

Flip-In Hair extensions do not damage your hair in any way, as they do not attach to your hair, they simply fit round the crown of your head with an invisible wire that is hidden by your hair.

Flip-In Hair extensions literally take 1 minute to ‘flip-in’ and 1 second to remove. The extensions can be used with thinning or damaged hair. Our Extensions are made from 100% human hair and therefore can be treated like your own hair.  Always use heat protection when styling Flip-In Hair.  You can use hairdryers, curling tongs or hair straighteners.

Wash your Flip-In Hair product as little as possible.  Prior to washing, gently brush the hair through.  Apply hair extension shampoo from root to tip.  Follow with conditioner in the same way.  Flip-In Hair can be styled with heated appliances.  Prior to styling, apply a heat protector.  Hang straight hair between wears (hanger provided).  Lay wavy hair flat between wears.  

So there you are – probably the best way to add extensions to your hair, available securely online from the Flip-in Hair ® authorised reseller website.

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